Düsseldorf – famous for its lifestyle, fashion, beer and modern art

Do you want to know Dusseldorf with the eyes of a local?

Why visit Düsseldorf? Because it is a still fairly unknown jewel. The consulting company Mercer ranked it under the Top-10 worldwide concerning the quality of living. Because it has a vibrant night life with hundreds of pubs, bars, restaurants, breweries and discotheques where the meaning of pub crawl can become literal. Because it has the most beautiful promenade along the whole Rhine river. Because the „Media Port“ harbours world famous architecture. Because the art academy attracts some of the best artists from around the globe. Because it is like visiting Japan without being in Asia. Because … there are hundreds more good reasons to visit!

I would love to guide you in my city on the Rhine river, show you the longest bar in the world, tell about how Jan Wellems great love changed the town, show you how to live religious tolerance, prove with the debt clock why the city is so rich, walk along the Kings Alley (Kö) to see and be seen, have you experience contemporary art of Immendorff and world famous architecture in the media harbour…

… and answer all your questions:

  • Why is the year 1288 important?
  • Why is it „Düsseldorf on the Rhine“ and not „Rhinedorf“?
  • What is the story of the cartwheelers?
  • Why is the local beer called „old“ beer? And how many old beer breweries are in Düsseldorf?
  • Which one is the second „national drink“ of Düsseldorf besides old beer?
  • How comes that some south German ruler rides his horse in front of the city hall?
  • What do the Medici have to do with the Rhineland?
  • Why is there a basically emptly castle square?
  • What is the connection between the longest bar in the world and the history of mankind?
  • What traces have the French occupants and Napoleon left?
  • Who was the tailor called Wibbel?
  • Why is Düsseldorf called „Nippon on the Rhine“ – and what do all the Japanese do here?
  • Stories about the city of arts: Who was mother Ey? What did the nobel prize of literature awarded Günther Grass study in Düsseldorf?
  • Where is the biggest decimal clock in the world? And how do you read it?
  • Where is the birthplace of Electronic Music? (of course: Düsseldorf – the „grandfathers“ of Kraftwerk are still active nowadays)

I happily show you around Düsseldorf in your bus: Let’s visit the shopping boulevard Königsallee, the media harbour, the castles of Jägerhof and Benrath, the arts center Ehrenhof, the trade fair, the former fishing village Kaiserswerth with its 1000 year old palace ruins and many other fascinating places!

Old Town – history and historical stories
Breweries in the Old Town
Culinary tasting tour in Old Town and at Carlsplatz market
Media Harbour and its modern architecture
From Media Harbour to the Old Town
Japanese Quarter
Visit the workshop and showroom of a fashion designer

Contact me:
phone: +49 (0)211/ 26130479
email: anja @ duesseldorf-entdecken.de

Prices: depends on the duration, language and content
duration: minimum 1 hour, usually 1,5 to 2 hours. I have also accompanied groups for whole days (incl. shopping (for souvenirs)).
Size of groups: not more than 20 people (except bus tours). I happily show single visitors around.

I am a certified city guide (comparable to the Blue Badge Guides in Great Britain) also working for the official tourist office.

I do guide in English, French, Spanish – and German of course !